snowThis week we are learning with Snow! We are also still learning with hearts, red, and emotions. We could not get outside in the fabulous snow Monday due to rain, but the children thoroughly enjoyed the snow today. Some built a snow cat, some a snow dinosaur, and some found a nice puddle of slushy mud to jump in. This was great for working on large motor skills, teamwork, and creativity.

We hope you all were safe and able to enjoy the snow. It can be challenging to judge the safety of the roads while staying safe at home. In the future, if Ledyard schools have a delay, we will also have a delayed opening. If schools are closed, we will be delayed at least until our staff can get to the center safely. Our goal is 8:00 am. Hopefully that is late enough for the sun to warm the icy roads but early enough to not inconvenience our working parents too much. If there is any doubt, please call the center to be sure we are open before venturing out in unpleasant weather. Thank you for understanding.