Showing We Care

heartsThis week is a bit of a mixed bag here at Ivy Cottage. The children remain highly interested in transportation related topics so we continue to learn with stories such as The Dinosaur Train. At the same time, we are also moving on to learning with a focus on caring and emotions. Today we discussed and compared the geometric heart shape and the human heart. We will be reading Toot and Puddle: You Are My Sunshine, Clifford’s Valentine Surprise, and Count the Ways, which focus on ways to show we care.

Next Thursday, we will have a little Valentine party. We will have a special snack and valentine activities. Any treats you’ like to send in may may be enjoyed during snack or sent home with our goodie bags. If you would like to send valentines for your child to exchange, please send either one for each child in your child’s group or one for each child in the program.

Writing names on each valentine is optional, but would support our work on name recognition.

Three Little Pigs


This week we are learning with construction and the Three Little Pigs. Monday, we gathered materials and made straw houses. First, we huffed and puffed and blew them down. then, we glued them. Tuesday, we built with sticks. Wednesday, we will construct with bricks. We are also exploring different types of construction trucks and constructable toys, like Legos, Lincoln logs, gears, and tetris style blocks. The skills we are focusing on include fine motor coordination, pattern recognition, understanding stories, and more name recognition. The children are making great progress.



Learning about Transportation – Week 3


This week we continue our learning with transportation. The children are learning the letters of their names, counting, sorting, and creative expression with the help of cars, trains, buses, boats, and planes. This week we will add a bit of science with observation and experimenting with items which sink or float. Many of the preschool children can be heard singing our transportation song while they play. It is sung to the tune of Twinkle, Twinkle, Little Star.

Take a bus or take a train.

Take a boat or take a plane.

Take a taxi, take a car.

Maybe near or maybe far.

Take a rocket to the moon,

but be sure to come back soon!

Learning about Transporation – Week 2

This week we continue learning with transportation. Our focus is on learning shapes, spatial relationships, recognizing similar sounds, and representing experiences in pretend play. We are also working more on names. The younger children will be working on recognizing their own names and learning the first letter. The older children are working on writing their own names and identifying all of the letters in them. This has been an ongoing learning process and will continue as the children continue to develop early literacy skills. The news board in the entry will now have each child’s name listed daily. As you leave for the day, please allow your child to find his/her name and erase it from the board with a cotton puff. Thanks for allowing us to be part of your child’s learning journey.



Learning about Transportation

This week we are learning about transportation.

Books we are reading:

  • The Little Engine that Could
  • Giant Machines
  • The Goodnight Train
  • A Dragon in a Wagon
  • Go, Dog, Go!

Skills we are learning:

  • Literacy: Recognizing similar sounds
  • Math: Sorting objects, count and patterns
  • Social: Resovling conflicts
  • Creative: Recreating stories and experiences

New book club flyers are in your mailbox. Please consider ordering. Each child received a coupon for a free book with a $5 order.

Ledyard Patch Article

We’ve been featured on Ledyard Patch!

Making Salsa

Our children had a great time preparing for our garden party and open house. We’ve been busy planting the fall gardens, preparing the chicken coop, and making salsa. We made salsa to serve to the guests at the open house garden party and to show a sample lesson from our new curriculum. We wanted to show how following a simple recipe provides a variety of educational opportunities for our class.


The children had great fun washing and chopping vegetables. It was a great fine motor workout and cooperative endeavor. Some children began the cooking lesson and stayed on task until our salsa was completed. Other children alternated between making salsa and other activities.


The recipe we followed was fairly simple. I prepared a pictorial version for the children to read. For the open house, I created a display with the recipe, the following lesson description and photos of the children making the salsa. We served the salsa with tortilla chips at the party and it was a big hit.


Following a Salsa Recipe

Following a Recipe begins with children washing their hands and joining the group at the table. The children are shown the recipe and asked what meaning they understand from it. The group discusses the list of ingredients. Vegetables are washed and then chopped. Each child has a cutting board and knife to chop vegetables. Chopped vegetables are put into a mixing bowl. Scraps are put into a bowl to feed the chickens, worms, or compost. When chopping is completed, extra ingredients are measured and added. Each child takes a turn mixing. Finished product is sampled by all.

This lesson addresses the following CT education goals for young children:


  • Sustain attention to task
  • Participate in teacher-led group activities
  • Interacts cooperatively with peers


  • Uses coordinated small-muscle movements


  • Uses complex sentences and vocabulary to describe ideas and experiences
  • Understands and participates in conversations
  • Identifies printed words
  • Engages in scientific inquiry

This lesson also addresses the following additional skills:


  • Reading the recipe in words and pictures


  • Measuring and counting ingredients


  • Discussing where the ingredients come from

A pair of hens our class hatched and raised in the spring returned for the party. They were a big hit also!





Welcome to Ivy Cottage Children’s Center. We’re thrilled to announce our new mission statement and curriculum. Our mission statement and philosophy can be viewed through the links above. We are now accepting applications for fall enrollment in our new holistic agricultural preschool and toddler programs.