Our agricultural and environmentally friendly curriculum is designed to provide both individual and group learning experiences. Children will be encouraged to initiate activities to allow for their individual development and developing social skills. They will be offered a wide variety of academic experiences including beginning mathematics, music, art, and science, gross and fine motor physical activities. These learning experiences will be supported through healthy lifestyle choices including: sustainable gardening, recipe development, experimental cooking, and healthy eating choices. Learning the fundamentals through a variety of interesting and engaging activities helps children develop a lifetime love of learning.

Our curriculum is designed to foster healthy eating choices. Occasional treats are part of a healthy overall lifestyle. On birthdays we are happy to celebrate with cake or any treat you wish to send in for your child to share. You are invited to celebrate your child’s birthday with us.

We will explore and celebrate that we are part of a diverse society. We are different from each other and will discuss our uniqueness as well as our similarities. We will collaborate with parents and extended families to reinforce the unique contributions they make in your child’s life. We will celebrate all and any holidays celebrated by our children’s families. Families are invited and encouraged to share their traditions, whether they are holidays, foods, or stories.  Your visits and participation are always welcome. You are the most important person in your child’s life.

Ivy Cottage staff respects each child’s individual talents and personality. We encourage all of our children to treat themselves and others with kindness and respect. We celebrate God’s blessings and invite you to share the nurturing of your most precious blessing with us.