plantsIn last week’s message, I described plans for Wednesday and Thursday without realizing we will be closed this Thursday. It is July already! We hope you all have a wonderful Fourth of July. We will go ahead with our friendship soup this Wednesday and plan the next¬† special activity for a Thursday. I’m sorry for the mix up. If you’d like to contribute, please send one of your child’s favorite soup vegetable to school Wednesday, July 3rd. Thank you!

Also a few reminders/notes:

Please have a change of clothes in your child’s cubby in case of accidents or messy play. A bathing suit or a change of clothes is needed to participate in water play.

Please check your child daily for ticks. We live in an area with a high concentration of ticks. A couple of our students and two teachers have been bitten by ticks this season. The sooner a tick is removed the less likely it will cause illness. The CDC website has very simple instructions for removing a tick:  When in doubt, check with your pediatrician.

Please label all items sent to school with your child’s name. Enrollment is up for the summer and children often have the same or very similar items. We appreciate your help avoiding mixups.

Miss Jackie, from the Bill Library, left bookmarks for each of the preschool students (over three) to kick off the Summer Reading program. This is a great program and the children can earn a free book by reading throughout the summer. The books we read at school count! If you sign up and bring in the coloring page, we will happily fill in the books read at school.

The Ledyard Library Children’s page provides a link to the Summer Reading program and also a link to TumbleBooks, which is a collection of animated children’s books which can be viewed online or on an iPad.