seasonsThe last couple of weeks, we’ve been learning about the seasons. Our focus is shifting from winter topics to spring topics, with some overlap and comparison. We’ve begun planting seeds and watching for signs of spring: warmer days, melting snow, birds singing, buds on the trees. We’ll soon be preparing the outdoor gardens for spring planting: peas and onions to start. Miss Caitlin is planning to help the children make kale chips with the kale that survived the winter. We’re also conducting experiments to discover the best way to care for plants. So far, we’re watching for growth of beans grown with sunlight or in darkness and beans watered daily or not watered at all. We’re reading books about the seasons and planting seeds: “Red Sings from Treetops,” “The Tiny Seed,” One Seed,” “One Bean.” This week we’ll add “One Raindrop,” and “Cloudette.” We’ll learn about the water cycle and the story of a small cumulus cloud. Then we’ll do some cloud watching and an experiment to help us learn morn about clouds and water transmission.