photoThis week, we are enjoying warm weather and sunshine. The children are learning with Spring themes. We are learning the rules of safe driving on our outdoor track (chalk on the blacktop). We have worked our large muscle groups preparing the gardens and have started planting. So far, the children have planted spinach, red scallion, and sugar pea seeds. They’ve also begun planting the seeds we’ve been growing inside for the last few weeks. As summer approaches, we’ll begin planting warm weather vegetables.

We are also learning with Spring nature inspired art projects. These help the children strengthen their fine motor muscles needed for writing. We cut and tear tissue paper and construction paper, squeeze glue bottles, pinch small items, pull at cotton puffs, and create mini works of art. Many of the older children are beginning to write their own names. This is a very exciting time.

During story time, we are focusing on understanding and being able to retell stories through the use of props and repeated readings. Our first has been a great hit with the children, Eric Carle’s “Rooster’s Off to See the World”. We’ll soon begin “The Five Little Monkeys” series with monkey finger puppets and a couple of chicken rhymes in which the children get to act out the chicken roles. As an added bonus, these stories have an additional focus on early mathematics skills with counting and simple addition and subtraction in the form of characters who join or depart from the main story.